How to configure and use SunnysignRem

SunnysignRem being installed on your computer, it is necessary to carry out some additional settings in order to be able to realize the electronic signatures of your various files



1 – Prerequisites


Since the electronic signature requires a digital identity certificate in addition to the signature software, you must have installed the middleware (or device manager) corresponding to your card or key, depending on the type of cryptographic support available to you. As a reminder, depending on the data to be transmitted, it is often necessary to have a qualified certificate.

The key / card must be connected to the post before proceeding to signature processing


Electronic signature key


Electronic signature card with its reader


2 – Setting 

Launch the SunnysignRem application   


Depending on the type of file to be signed, a particular profile will be used   


The selection is made by unfolding the drop-down menu present in the Process section. 


Take for example the profile dedicated to regulatory reporting in the banking sector. Before the first use of a profile it is needed to proceed to the declaration of the digital identity, to associate the certificate to be used by default. Once done, it will not be necessary to repeat this operation on this profile.

Click on the option Declare a digital identity   


Select the Cryptographic Device (PKCS # 11) option, and click the button Next   


The available certificate should appear   


Select the line corresponding to the certificate, and click the button Next   


Click on the button Finish


3 - Use   


The application must first be started in order to launch the process of scanning the files to be processed. Click on the button mceclip9.png (Start)   


A new window appears asking you to enter the PIN code of the key (Make sure to enter the correct code, cryptographic media with a limited number of inputs before blocking)


The application is now running, which is indicated by "Waiting for files ..."   


Find the file to sign, here a file for the regulatory reporting, that can be dragged and drop on the Files to be processed icon.


A copy will be made automatically 


During processing, the application indicates the name of the file being signed via the "Processing …" label followed by the file name   


When processing is complete, the application reverts to the "Waiting for Files ..." state, and the signed file counter incremented by 1   


To retrieve the processing result, click the Processed Files icon. You can then deposit it on the OneGate portal


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