SunnysignRem installation

The SunnysignRem software needs to be installed according to an established procedure, in order to have the right elements for its operation


1 – Prerequisites


The SunnysignRem application uses Java libraries, so it is necessary that a version of java 1.8 or higher is present on the computer. This version will have to be coherent as regards its architecture compared to that of the software. For example, if your workstation has a 64-bit architecture, and you want to install SunnysignRem 64-bit, Java should be installed in its 64-bit version.


The electronic signature also requires to have a digital identity certificate, which must be installed on the computer, or in the case of a certificate on key or on card, to have installed the corresponding device manager (for this refers to the information transmitted by the issuer of the certificate). This installation of the certificate can take place after the installation of SunnysignRem.



2 – Downloads

When the software is available for your use on our extranet, you should receive an e-mail. the corresponding delivery letter is of the following form:


This message contains your Email address, which corresponds to your identifier on the extranet, as well as the associated password. You can click on the link "Se connecter à l’extranet" or indicate the URL in the address bar of your browser.



Enter your email address and password in the login fields, then click on the login button “Se connecter”. If you no longer have your password, you can click on the "Mot de passe oublié ?" Link, in order to receive an email containing the instructions to log in and set a new password.


A - Downloading the installation file


 When connected, the available software is displayed. Click the icon corresponding to SunnysignRem.


The listing of all possible installations is displayed. You can choose from those presented, and corresponding to your architecture. To summarize here are the different types: 

- Interactive installation : This is an installation with a classic user interface, where you manually validate each step - Interactive installation

- Silent installation : This installation uses silent mode, no window will be displayed to the user. This type is intended to be included in automatic processing deployments via GPO, or scripted by a network administrator 

- ZIP archive : Version embedding its own version of Java. The content is just to decompress, a manual shortcut must be created. This type is suitable for very secure environments that limit access to the station's folders such as the user directory, or the directory of the system intended to collect the programs. 

In our example, we select the 64-bit interactive installation. The file is downloaded by clicking on the donwload link “TELECHARGER”: 


 In the download directory used by the browser, we find the installation file   


B - Downloading the license file   


Click on the "Licenses" icon on the left side of the screen   


Click on the download button “Télécharger” to recover the license. If multiple licenses exist, be sure to check the owner of the license in the license label and select the correct line. You then find the file in the download folder used by the browser 



3 - Installing SunnysignRem 


In the download directory, double click on the installation file   


Click on the "Next" or “Suivant” button   


Click on the "Next" button  


Check the box refering to the terms of the license. Click on the "Next" button   


You can change the installation directory if needed. Click on the "Next" button  


Click on the "Next" button   


Click on the "Install" button


The installation is carried out


Click on the "Finish" button

A launch icon should appear on the user's desktop:   


The launch can also be done using the windows menu "all programs", by searching for SunnysignRem.

In addition to the installation directory, the configuration information will later be logged in a subdirectory of the user folder (%userprofile%\.Lexpersona)


4 - First launch and referencing of the license  

Double-click on the launch icon of SunnysignRem, the logo of the application appears briefly   


Then the license window appears:    


Click on the "Install license" button   


A window to browse the contents of your computer then appears. Go to the folder where you previously downloaded the license file


 Select the file and click on the "Open" button   


The license management window indicates a green check mark and states that the license is valid. Click on the "OK" button   


SunnysignRem is now launched, the setting can then be made, such as referencing the digital identity to use

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