New chain of trust Banque de France V3

The certificates that will soon be issued by the Banque de France will refer to a new chain of trust. In order to overcome possible difficulties in the signature and verification processes, it is possible to add the corresponding certificate files according to the following options


1 - The certificate files

The certificates of authorities can be downloaded at the following address: Download certificates

This is a zip archive file, which should be unzipped on your computer. Its content is as follows:



2 - Sunnysign, SunnysignRem, LP7ProcessSigner

A - Graphic interface

Depending on the application, click on the option to open the treatment configuration window


"Set up processing" for Sunnysign and SunnysignRem


The gear icon for LP7ProcessSigner


In the "Signer" section, "Digital identity" tab, click on the "Import a trust certificate" icon


Click the "Browse" button to select the first .cer file, and click the "Next" button


In the "Choose a drawer" option, select "Trusted authorities"

Click on the "Finish" button. The certificate reference is now included in the application store.

Repeat for each of the remaining .cer files.

B - Decorator files

In some cases, no interface is available, for example under Linux command line, it is possible to recover the files decorator corresponding to the certificates: Download the Decorators

Also a zip archive to decompress whose content is as follows:


It will then be necessary to copy these files directly into the folder .lexpersona/keystores/truststore.root.trusted


3 - LP7SignBox and LP7VerifyBox

Open the web administration interface


Click on the "Certificates" option


 You will have a list of the certificates already registered, as well as the control options that preceded it. Click on "Add certificate"


Click on the "Choose a file" button


Select the certificate file and click on the "Open" button


The description is optional. Click on the "OK" button

Repeat for all other certificates that make up the chain.

If the certificate is already present and you are trying to add it, an error message will be displayed accordingly.

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