Installation of a Docusign token on Windows

You just got a Docusign key, and want to set it up on a post. The following instructions will allow you to download and install the necessary middleware. Also be sure to follow the prerequisites imposed by the tools or internet platforms with which you plan to use your certificate, other software elements may need to be installed (Java).

1- Download the installation file

Depending on the type of Windows system, you will need to recover a 32-bit or 64-bit version.

To get this information, you can do the following combination: Windows + Pause. A window containing the basic information is then displayed:


The download link is included in the delivery email from Docusign (, as well as the password needed to decompress the zip archive.

BE CAREFUL : The browser may request to select a certificate; this is not necessary, it should be canceled, you will be redirected to the correct page


The download page looks like this:


Once you reach the Docusign website, click on the key icon in the section "Certificats produits après le 1/11/2015". The display then extends just below. You should go down to the "Téléchargement" section


Locate the line corresponding to your system architecture, and then click on the "Middleware download" icon. The download of a .zip file is then done.

Unzip the zip file on the computer, and enter the requested password, using the one indicated in the email from Docusign (; you will have in a directory "IDGo800_WIN64_1.2.10\IDGO800\1.2.10\IDGo800_v1.2.10_Windows" or "IDGo800_WIN32_1.2.10\IDGO800\1.2.10\IDGo800_v1.2.10_Windows" the following elements:


2 - Minidriver installation

In the directory "Minidriver_1.2.10", double-click the file "IDGo800_Minidriver_x64.msi" or "IDGo800_Minidriver_x86.msi" according to the needed version. The following window appears:


Click on the "Next" button


Check "I accept the terms in the license agreement", then click on the "Next" button


Click on the "Install" button



Click on the "Finish" button

3 - Libraries installation

In the directory "PKCS11_1.2.10", double-click on "IDGo800_PKCS11_Library_x64.msi" or "IDGo800_PKCS11_Library_x86.msi" according to the needed version. The following window appears:


Click on the "Next" button


Check "I accept the terms in the license agreement", then click on the "Next" button


Click on the "Next" button


Check "No", then click on the "Next" button


Click on the "Install" button


Click on the "Install" button

4 - Token connection

Connect the token to the station. The system can search for itself complements, especially concerning the smart card reader. You will be notified in this case by the appearance of a bubble info, which allows you to acces to a download and installation progress window. This operation can sometimes be long.

5 - Checking access to the contents of the token

In order to check the access to the token, you can launch "IDGo800UserTool_v1.0.exe" located in the directory "IDGo800_v1.2.10_Windows":


Click on the "Read card" button. A progress appears.


If the token is accessible, the content should be displayed. The name of the certificate holder appears


The token is now usable on your system. Also, be sure to respect any prerequisites imposed by the tools or internet portals with which you will use it. Additional software elements may be needed (Java for example).

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